Considering the Home Venue Privilege When Filing Suit Against an Agency

By Jonathan Taylor | September 11, 2023

Under the home venue privilege, “venue in civil actions brought against the…

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Attorneys’ Fees Under Section 120.595(1), Florida Statutes

By Jonathan Taylor | February 3, 2023

The administrative procedure act under chapter 120, Florida Statutes, has several attorneys’…

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The “Automatic” Record in Administrative Appeals

By Jonathan Taylor | January 6, 2023

When appealing final agency action in Florida, certain documents are automatically included…

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Serving the Notice of Appeal in Administrative Appeals

By Jonathan Taylor | January 4, 2023

Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.110(c) provides that notices appealing final agency…

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Procedural Distinctions When Appealing A Final Agency Order

By Jonathan Taylor | December 28, 2022

When appealing a final agency order in Florida, you must be aware…

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Third DCA Holds That A County…Is A County

By Jonathan Taylor | December 16, 2022

In a recent post, I discussed the Fifth DCA’s use of the…

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Fifth DCA Opinion Provides a Good Example of Textualism.

By Jonathan Taylor | December 2, 2022

Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal recently issued an opinion providing a…

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May I select this forum? Why permissive language in a forum selection clause does not necessarily lead to a permissive clause.

By Jonathan Taylor | November 21, 2022

Most contracts contain a forum selection clause.  Such a clause allows contracting…

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Finality of Agency Orders

By Jonathan Taylor | November 4, 2022

With limited exception, an agency order must be final before the order…

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Attorneys’ Fees When a Document is Filed for an Improper Purpose

By Jonathan Taylor | May 10, 2022

Litigation in administrative proceedings affords many opportunities to move for attorneys’ fees. …

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