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Archive for May 2019

Sales Tax Changes for Fulfillment by Amazon Sellers

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers have faced much of the brunt of the rapid changes in sales tax nexus laws across the country that began in 2018. Seemingly overnight, the fallout from the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case resulted in sellers having to register for sales tax all over the country when previously they only…

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Is Software as a Service Taxable?

The sales tax implications of Software as a Service (“SaaS”) have plagued the tech industry since the rise of remotely accessed software. To those in the industry, how software is transferred may not be the most defining or important characteristic of a program. However, it is probably going to be the very first question a…

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Are Software Subscriptions Taxable?

The sales and use tax implications of software subscription sales vary substantially from state to state. If your software subscription business makes sales across the country, you may have sales tax liabilities lurking in multiple states due to the ambiguity in the application of sales tax laws to this industry. Most sales tax schemes predate…

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