Administrative law is the area of law that regulates the actions of government agencies. As a result, this area of law touches so many industries. Having a knowledgeable attorney represent you with or against a government agency can make a world of difference in the outcome of your case. Our administrative law team has the experience to navigate the informal negotiation and resolution process with government agencies. We will handle all aspects of resolving your case in the most efficient manner informally or, if necessary, through administrative or court litigation and any associated appeal. Our firm is committed to zealously representing our clients interests in their dealings with state and local government agencies.

Many agency actions have short response deadlines for rights to contest and appeal. As a result, upon receiving a notice of agency action, it is important you contact an administrative law attorney promptly to discuss your options.  Our firm will discuss all of your options with you and ensure the proper response is timely filed to protect your rights.

Our attorneys have represented businesses and government clients on regulatory and administrative law matters, including:

  • Interagency proceedings and administrative hearings
  • Judicial review/appeal of final agency and administrative action
  • Rulemaking and rule challenge proceedings
    • Proposed rule challenge
    • Existing rule challenge
    • Unadopted rule challenge
  • Substantial interest hearings under the Florida Administrative Procedure Act
  • Licensing and permitting
    • Professional licensure
    • Liquor licensure
    • Various tobacco licensure
  • Competitive procurement and bid protests
    • Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)
  • General regulatory matters
  • Tax assessments and appeals

Our attorneys have experience representing clients in negotiations with and litigating against state and local agencies including the following:

  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Department of Economic Opportunity
  • Department of Health
  • Office of Financial Regulations
  • Department of Transportation
  • Housing and Finance Corporation
  • Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Multiple County Governments


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