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Archive for July 2018

Maryland Jumps On Wayfair Bandwagon and Announces Policy

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Wayfair Case, Maryland issued guidance to taxpayers on July 17, 2018. The Wayfair case struck down 50 years of Supreme Court precedent by holding that physical presence was no longer required to require companies to charge, collect, and remit sales tax in a state. For businesses, this…

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Georgia Guidance Issued on Durable Medical Equipment

The Georgia Department of Revenue issued a guidance addressing whether a Taxpayer is required to collect sales tax on adjustable beds or mattresses  when sold to a customer with a prescription from a licensed practitioner. The Taxpayer requesting the advisement is in the business of selling mattresses and specialty bedding. Some of Taxpayer’s sales include…

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Georgia Nonprofit Aquarium Exemption Extended

Georgia has amended its existing state and local sales and use tax exemption to include purchases of construction and renovation materials by aquariums that are a qualifying §501(c)(3). The exemption is valid until January 1, 2022, or up to a total state sales and use tax refund amount of $4.5 million. Every year by June…

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Idaho Enacts New Nexus Standard in Response to Supreme Court Wayfair Decision

The Idaho State Tax Commission has issued a statement in response to the Wayfair decision by the Supreme Court of the United States. Currently, they are taking the case under consideration, which overturns roughly 50 years of sales tax precedent. The Wayfair case removed the requirement that businesses have a physical presence within a state…

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Georgia Tax Overview for Auto Dealers

Auto dealers are prime targets for tax audits by the Georgia Department of Revenue. The industry faces many technical tax rules specific to Georgia that are difficult to properly execute on every transaction made by a busy business. With high dollar amount sales at issue, assessments can unfortunately be devastating to businesses. This article serves…

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