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Corporate Income Tax

Florida’s Corporate Income Tax Update & TAA 18C1-011

In the area of state corporate income tax, determining the location of the income is critical for companies and states alike.  In general, a company takes its total income and determines, or “apportions” it, to a particular state depending on the amount of activity in that state that resulted in the corresponding income.  Example:  Company…

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FL Taxpayer Challenged State Corporate Income Tax Assessment

In the world of state corporate income tax, companies constantly are at odds with states in determining where the income is properly attributable to.  States often take contradictory positions using cost of performance or market based sourcing to attempt to attribute income to their own state.  Such was the issue in a recent case filed…

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Preparing your Online Business for an Out-of-State Sales Tax Audit

The day has come that your online business has been issued a sales tax audit notice. How do you prepare for this painful process, especially in a state in which you don’t reside? Each state and locality has different procedures and authority when it comes to auditing your business. That’s not to mention the varying…

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Out-of-State Sales Tax Audit Defense

Your business has been audited for sales and use tax by an out-of-state taxing agency. Unfamiliar with the laws and rules of the foreign state, you are already at a disadvantage before you begin the audit. It is impossible for a business owner to be an expert in the complex and technical field of sales…

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