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Posts by Jeanette Moffa

Taxpayer stops school district from interfering with ad valorem property tax case

The last thing a taxpayer wants to happen in their fight against a government agency over a property tax assessment is another taxing authority stepping in to interfere. Unfortunately, this can and does occur, complicating the challenge and requiring the taxpayer to incur addition costs in defending one or more additional claims. Fortunately, taxpayers have…

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Overlooked Exemptions – Shipping, Freight, and Packaging

It is easy to ignore the sales tax consequences of shipping, freight, & packaging because such charges are often an afterthought. However, each state treats shipping, freight, and packaging differently. The result is that multistate businesses may be paying tax when they don’t need to, or alternatively may not be paying tax when they should.…

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Overlooked Exemptions – Technology

Technology exemptions are some of the most easily overlooked exemptions because they are not well advertised and changing by the day. In an attempt to keep up with the vast technological advances of the 21st century, old sales tax schemes are forced to evolve and adapt if they want to keep these technologies within their…

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Week Before FL Corporate Income Tax Returns Due, DOR Makes New Rules

On August 26, 2019, the Florida Department of Revenue issued a Tax Information Publication, or TIP, addressing new requirements for reporting Florida corporate income/franchise tax returns. Accountants and CPAs who have previously filed returns for 2018 are left with little notice to make potentially substantial changes for each and every one of their clients. The…

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Bad Debts – An Overlooked Sales Tax Exemption

Bad debts are often carefully considered for federal tax purposes but overlooked when it comes to sales tax. It is common for businesses to fail to collect the total balance of their sales. These bad debts are generally remembered when it comes to calculating income for federal returns and even state income tax returns. However,…

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Manufacturing – An Overlooked Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Many states offer unique and specific manufacturing exemptions that can provide great savings to those who are aware of them. Sometimes these exemptions come about by the state alone, which is interested in enticing big businesses to move into the state to provide jobs to its residents. Other times, businesses already located within the state…

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Preparing your Online Business for an Out-of-State Sales Tax Audit

The day has come that your online business has been issued a sales tax audit notice. How do you prepare for this painful process, especially in a state in which you don’t reside? Each state and locality has different procedures and authority when it comes to auditing your business. That’s not to mention the varying…

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Out-of-State Sales Tax Audit Defense

Your business has been audited for sales and use tax by an out-of-state taxing agency. Unfamiliar with the laws and rules of the foreign state, you are already at a disadvantage before you begin the audit. It is impossible for a business owner to be an expert in the complex and technical field of sales…

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Florida Sales Tax Holiday May 31, 2019 – June 6, 2019

Florida’s 2019 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday has begun. During this period, purchases of certain disaster preparedness items are exempt from Florida sales tax. But before you go out and purchase that expensive camping item or generator you’ve always wanted, make sure to look at the price limits on these items.  Selling for $10 or…

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